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Sheetal will be joining UC Riverside as Visiting Assistant Professor in the Dance Department starting in January 2017!

Sheetal is a proud recipient of a 2016 MAP Fund for the creation of “In|Expiration”. The MAP Fund is supported by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Teaching/Workshops/Master Classes!
Winter-Spring 2017
Sheetal teaches Modern, Jazz, Tap, North Indian and Bollywood classes in colleges and studios around Los Angeles.
Scripps: “Intro to Jazz Dance”
UC Riverside: “Give me a Beat!” A global and multi-disciplinary look at Rhythm as a contemporary meaning-making practice. AND “These Embodied Voices”: Pairing text, song and sound with movement to create full-bodied stories.

Book a Session!
Sheetal is a certified Pilates instructor on all the apparatus and has been teaching since 2001.

Looking for help in crafting your first solo show? Need help developing your character? Sheetal offers private coaching and consultation.



Includes excerpts from:


Stories...on the Move!

I Am You


"As we look to the role that art must play in the years to come in fostering both communication and genuine experimentation through a humanistic, global dialogue, Sheetal Gandhi is truly an artist whose time has come."

David Roussève, Artistic Director
David Roussève/REALITY