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The ‘I’ Manifesto

I will not be defined, but I will be clear.

I will not use you as my psychological and emotional dumping ground. I am not as interested in me as I am in stretching me.

I will stretch the imagination. I will step into someone else’s shoes.

I don’t need to change the world.

I don’t mind being moved… Stop. That is a lie.

I live to move and be moved.

I have no opposition to that which is grand and moving in its grandiose spectacle.

Yes to drama. No to indulgence. Yes to craft that walks a fine line between the two.

Yes to skill and sweat and transformation.

Yes to wonder.

Yes to BIG eyes.

Yes to my ancestors

Yes to the future.

Yes to the moment that erases the line between I...

and You.

  ~ Sheetal


“Through her tremendous level of craft and deep knowledge of both traditional and contemporary forms, she creates powerful performances that directly communicate her moving stories.”

George Lugg, Co-Director, ShowBox LA