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Sheetal travels around the world to engage with, inspire and empower diverse communities. She develops and shares a creative process that builds bridges between people from different backgrounds and traditions, while developing each individual’s creative potential and unique voice. Residency activities are as varied as the communities she works with, and are ultimately designed to serve the unique needs of each group.






There are numerous options including:

Stories...on the MOVE! Assembly program

➡ Community Arts Workshops

➡ Lecture Demonstrations

➡ Q & A sessions


Stories...on the MOVE! Assembly program is 40 minutes long.  Dancing storytellers Sheetal Gandhi and Shyamala Moorty artfully weave rhythm, song, gesture and facial expression into a dynamic and fun exploration of Indian mythology and it’s connections to children’s worlds today.  The program revolves around the participation of the audience and emphasizes human expression and emotion through the language of Indian dance.




Community Arts Workshops can be tailored to your needs and interests as a unique learning community.  See Master Classes for an example of some of the workshops Sheetal has offered in the past.  In addition, specific to younger students and Arts Education curriculum, Sheetal offers the following:



Sheetal uses dance, storytelling and song to educate students about the history

    and culture of India and the South Asian subcontinent. Students will learn:

     • the popular Gujarati folk-dance “Dandia Raas” . This partner dance uses sticks and

       teaches rhythm and cooperative collaboration.

     • classical Indian dance hand gestures called “mudras”. The gestures are performed in

       synchronicity with recited poetry, teaching symbolism in movement, vocal articulation

       and compassion.


Sheetal uses various modes of movement exploration and theater games to teach

    students important life skills including:

     • a strong sense of self confidence

     • a personal connection to their environment

     • an ability to work with others in harmony

     • creative thinking

     • respect and curiosity for what is outside of their current understanding



Lecture Demonstrations and Q & A sessions can cover a range of topics.  Sheetal draws upon her experience to enrich the lives of students, to give them the tools they need to make empowered choices about their lives.


“You are making a huge difference in your community - through your work, through your insight
and through your natural generosity. Keep on keeping on...!”
                                                                                                                                        Juliette Carrillo, Director
                                                                                                                           Cornerstone Theater Company