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Sheetal Gandhi is embarking on the “Dear Heart” Project, a multi-year, multi-dimensional creative process that spirals around her personal, familial and cultural relationship to love.  Through dance and theater, installation, video and sound work, the “Dear Heart” Project will engage various artists and participants in an investigation around the many paradoxes and contradictory impulses of love, as well as the unique, divine, mundane and culturally-specific ways that we connect (and long to connect) to one another.   The “Dear Heart” Project currently has two works at different stages of development, with a third work being planned for the future.  Funding and support for the projects are actively being sought out.  Interested collaborators: theaters, museums and cultural organizations, are encouraged to reach out to begin a conversation about how to bring one or more aspects of the work to their community in the near future!



“...it’s through her nuanced physicality that she connects best...inhabiting the skin of each of her creations as easily as she wraps herself in a length of striped fabric...”

                                                                                                                                   Nicole Gluckstern; SF Bay Guardian