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This site-specific performance was originally created for the Annenberg Community Beach House in Santa Monica, CA as a part of their Artist Residency program.  The show is built for two dancers and non-performer volunteers from the local community who are integrated into the process and performance of the work.  I Am You explores the nature of duality - of the complex relationship between the soul and the personality, or the perception of the “inner” and “outer” person.  I Am You explores the concept of tawhīd - union with the beloved (the primal root) from which/whom one has been cut off and become aloof  - and the longing and desire to restore it. The work incorporates dance, text and live singing, featuring the timeless poetry of the Persian mystic poet, Rumi and commentary on motivational talk shows and other self-improvement scenarios.

Residency activities include a minimum of 1-2 weeks with community volunteer performers, to incorporate them into the work.

This performance can be adapted to various non-traditional spaces as well as to traditional theatrical venues.


I Am You is approximately 60 minutes long and can be adapted to various sites with prior research of the space.



“Sheetal’s talent is otherworldly, and thankfully this powerhouse is able to channel and bring forth the spirits and ancestors her soul has encountered along the way.”

 Lisa Nelson-Haynes, Associate Director
Painted Bride Art Center