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These classes are often offered in conjunction with a performance residency. Classes can be adapted to different populations from professionals to students to non- professionals of all ages.


These Embodied Voices

Drawing on her own artistic process as a multi-disciplinary story-teller, the workshops focus on different ways of pairing text, song and sound with gesture to create meaningful and evocative, full-bodied stories.     Participants work together and work alone to source material through improvisation, choreographic and theatrical structures, free-writing, research, and dialogue. They may explore their cultural identities, histories, genders, and spiritual backgrounds as these subjects relate to the development of performance.



The Musical Body

The workshop focuses on the body and voice as the basis for exploring traditional and contem-porary rhythmic, percussive and movement possibilities. Participants will drum, sing, clap, stamp and move, as they discover the fun in playing with polyrhythms!


Bollywood Dance

Participants will learn learn choreography to popular Bollywood and Bhangra songs.  The class focuses on traditional Indian styles based on both folk and classical forms and emphasizes important story-telling skills through dance.


Repertory and Performance

Participants will learn various sections from Sheetal’s solo and group work that include contemporary modern vocabulary in dialog with classical Indian dance, speaking while dancing, rhythmic text, and character work.  This class can be tailored to fit students and professionals coming from either an acting or dance background.  The class emphasizes the ability to pick up choreography and learn new material and teaches important performance skills.


Unveiling a New Intercultural Performance:

Bahu-Beti-Biwi (Daughter-in-law, Daughter, Wife)

BBB is being discussed and taught in universities across the country and has been written about in the book Contemporary Indian Dance by Ketu Katrak (2011).  In this lec/dem, Sheetal reveals the personal and artistic journey that she went on in the creation of this work.  Excerpts of the work (live and screened), photos and footage from her research in India, as well as personal anecdotes are all part of the presentation.


Sheetal offers one-on-one coaching in vocal and movement technique to dancers, actors, and performers looking to prepare for a role, make a solo show, or just refine their skill sets.  Sheetal is inspired by each individual’s creative potential.  She works with her students to actualize their goals by maximizing their unique strengths while working through blocks in creativity. Get in touch with her to schedule your first session!  [Contact]




“Every time I get to witness your work...I feel inspired as an artist.  And I am sure that...someone else will be touched by your artistry that they may find their voice as well, and that is the true nature of art.”

Bernard Addison, actor and educator