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I Am You

This site-specific performance is built for two dancers and non-performer volunteers from the local community who are integrated into the process and performance of the work.  I Am You  explores the nature of duality - of the complex relationship between the perception of the “inner” and “outer” person.   Residency activities include a minimum of 1-2 weeks with community volunteer performers, to incorporate them into the work.  [See project description]



Stories...on the MOVE!

This enormously entertaining family show exploring Indian mythology and it’s connections to the world today.  This 60-minute show is a longer version of the Assembly Show and includes live music.  The artists interact directly with audience members, inviting them onto the stage where they are playfully integrated into the performance. Residency activities can be tailored to fit the presenter and local community needs and can incorporate activities that coincide with objectives stated in the National Standards for Art Education and the California State Frameworks for the Visual and Performing Arts.  [See project description]


“Brilliant choreography, humorous, and totally spellbinding!”

                                                                                                                                                      Audience member