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This enormously entertaining and sophisticated family show evolved out of Sheetal Gandhi and collaborator Shyamala Moorty’s numerous experiences performing as school assembly artists.  The duo artfully weaves rhythm, song, gesture and facial expression into a dynamic exploration of Indian mythology and it’s connections to the world today. Breaking the 4th wall, the artists interact directly with audience members, inviting them onto the stage where they are playfully integrated into the performance. Accompanied by live musicians Jas Ahluwalia on tabla and Kamaljeet Ahluwalia on santoor, this quartet of artists offer innovative and contemporary interpretations  of traditional narratives that reinforce human compassion and the celebration of differences.  Audiences will be entertained and enlightened as they get to experience first- hand, the power of expression in Indian classical dances.

Residency activities can be tailored to fit the presenter and local community needs and can incorporate activities that coincide with objectives stated in the National Standards for Art Education and the California State Frameworks for the Visual and Performing Arts.


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Stories...on the MOVE! is approximately 60 minutes long and can also be presented as a low tech 40 minute presentation for school assembly shows.  See the “Community” page for more info.  For more info on the full version of Stories...on the MOVE! go to www.dancingstorytellers.com



Stories...on the MOVE!



“Shyamala and Sheetal add a sophistication and caliber not always seen in educational and family performances. Their show transports you into traditional stories, histories and time with ease. Audiences of all ages will be drawn into Stories on the Move.”

Ilaan Egeland Mazzini
Curator, Big World Fun family series