“...we’re a culture of mashups and mixtapes – and Gandhi’s art embodies this collision.”

- Julie Potter. Triple Dog Dare.

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Meet Sheetal


Sheetal Gandhi is an award-winning performer, director/choreographer, educator and devising artist based in Los Angeles.  As a multi-hyphenated artist (singer, actor, dancer, percussionist), her work has spanned genres and disciplines from her work with Cirque du Soleil and on Broadway to the creation and international tour of her solo dance-theater show, Bahu-Beti-Biwi. Gandhi uses movement, complex rhythmic structures, humor, theatricality and live singing to craft virtuosic and evocative physical/vocal vocabularies that are sophisticated yet accessible, culturally specific yet ‘border-crossing’.


“...eloquent, inventive, virtuosic dance-theater…”
- Heller, Nancy G.  Philadelphia Inquirer.

"So adept is Gandhi at capturing the distinct physical characteristics of each embodiment, she seems to literally morph from one to the next…
- Seidman, Carrie. Herald-Tribune. 

One of the finds of the festival...Sheetal is a special talent
- Venkataraman, Leela.  The Hindu.

There was not a single wasted gesture or sound. Gandhi’s talent takes over the characters, stage and her audience and envelops them all in her tale.
- Kennedy, Megan. Exploredance.com

"Steadfast and supple, the piece is borne by terrific physical force: neat turns and brave accelerations of body and voice feel to do as much direct transmission of meaning as the nimble rhetoric and storytelling.
- Lenihan, Jean.  ArtsJournal.com/Fresh Pencil

“Part Stephen Hawking, part yogi and all feminist attitude…"
- Looseleaf, Victoria.  Fjord Review

What Would Gandhi Do?

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