"…Sheetal is, without a doubt, the most knowledgeable Pilates trainer I have ever had the pleasure of working with! She gets results!"

- Judy S.

Welcome to “The Well: Pilates, Movement and Wellness with Sheetal Gandhi”, a nurturing space and studio that offers one-on-one Pilates Reformer and Tower sessions with a focus on proper alignment, building strength and reducing pain.  We also provide private and group movement/dance instruction in Tap, Jazz, Modern dance and more.  From August - October 2023, Sheetal will be out on maternity leave.  The health and well-being of her clients is of utmost importance to her, so during this time she has some fantastic instructors subbing in for her.  You can find all the instructor bios here.

Read on for more information on how “The Well” can serve you!

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Move Well. Live Well.



Sheetal offers classes in Pilates and Fascial Release.  In-person private sessions are offered at “The Well”, her home studio and garden - a healthy oasis nestled at the foothills of beautiful Altadena, CA.  She works out her clients on the Balanced Body Allegro II Reformer/Tower combo and uses various modalities to address her clients’ specific needs.   You can also schedule to train in the comfort of your own home! One-on-one and group Mat Pilates classes are offered online via Zoom.

First Time Students - $55 Orientation/Introductory Session!

Pricing (in-person classes)

  • Individual 50-minute Private Pilates Session: $90*
  • Series of 5 Sessions: $425 (save $50)
  • Series of 10 Sessions: $800 (save $100)
  • Series of 20 Sessions: $1500 (save $300!!)

* First-time students qualify for a $55 orientation/introductory session.

Read more on COVID safety protocols for one-on-one instruction at "The Well."

Pricing (online classes)

  • Online 50-minute Private Pilates Session: $90
  • Online 50-minute Group Pilates Session: $22*

* Sign up for a series of 8 sessions and SAVE!  Classes offered on Mondays @11am and Thursdays @10am.  

Are privates right for you?


Privates are designed to help you reach your goals as quickly and safely as possible.  They are great for anyone, from beginners to professional athletes and everyone in between; for those working through injuries or specific muscle imbalances, those who are recovering from surgery, for teachers wanting to deepen their movement education, pregnant, pre and postnatal women and those with other special needs.  Sheetal’s certification is in Pilates, but she is experienced in a number of alternate somatic practices such as Feldenkrais, The Melt Method, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization and Corrective Exercise for Functional Fitness.  She draws on her wealth of mind and body knowledge to help her clients strengthen, mobilize, heal, educate and transform their bodies.  Move Well.  Live Well.


Dance and Movement at “The Well” includes classes in Tap, Improvisation, Bollywood Dance, Modern and Jazz.



Tap dancing is great exercise for the body and the mind, not to mention a truly American art form, with a rich and meaningful history.  Currently we are offering private and small group Tap dance classes for beginning and intermediate level students.  A private class costs $75 and a small group class with 3-5 people costs $20-$25 per person.  Contact Sheetal for more information if you are interested.


Sheetal is a joy to work with – her lovely voice, gentle manner, deep knowledge and creativity make every Pilates session a satisfying experience.

Sheetal is sensitive and inventive in guiding a 75yr old and 95yr old, each with different Pilates experience and abilities, through classes that exercise and challenge appropriately (and therapeutically when necessary). With her help we are keeping active and pain free well past our “use by” date!

Her classes are varied and focused on different body areas so that we get a thorough whole-body workout.

Of all the teachers we have had over the years, Sheetal stands out!

Sheetal works with me on improving my core strength and flexibility; I must say that I've been blown away by my improvement in both my strength and stamina.

I cannot recommend Sheetal highly enough!


  • Are you an actor preparing for a role that requires a creative use of your physicality?  
  • Are you a dancer that wants to feel more confident in text-based work?
  • Do you want to make a solo show and don’t know where to start?

Sheetal will guide you through a process to first and foremost unlock your creativity to discover The Well of inspiration that lives within you.  Through improvisation and technical rigor, free-writing and comprehensive research, you will take manageable steps towards your goals, with unimaginably accelerated results.


Sheetal also leads many Master Classes and Community Workshops incorporating theater, music and dance.  Workshops include Storytelling Through Movement, Global Rhythms, Bollywood and Indian Dance Styles, Tap Dance, as well as Lecture/Demonstrations and Student Performances. See Workshops and Community Engagement for more information.


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