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"Every time I get to witness your work...I feel inspired as an artist. And I am sure that...someone else will be touched by your artistry that they may find their voice as well, and that is the true nature of art."

- Bernard Addison, actor and educator



Sheetal leads many Master Classes and Community Workshops incorporating theater, music and dance.  Workshops include Storytelling Through Movement, Global Rhythms, Bollywood and Indian Dance Styles, Tap Dance, Improvisation, as well as Lecture/Demonstrations and Student Performances.


As a teaching artist in schools, Sheetal uses the expressive arts to allow students a safe space to explore their emotions and inner selves while learning about the world around them and important life skills. Classes include The Culture of India, Global Rhythms and Drama Within.  As a founding member of the Dancing Storytellers, Sheetal creates and offers innovative performances of South Asian stories through dance and theater across Southern CA schools and communities.


Intercultural and artistic exchange is at the heart of Sheetal’s inspiration as an artist. She takes great pleasure in discovering more about herself by stretching into value systems and aesthetics that are outside of her current understanding. Sheetal has partnered with organizations in Israel, Bali, India, Ghana, Amsterdam and more, to engage with different communities in a process of sharing who we are and what we care about to create new work.

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Sheetal is the founder of The “Well”, a calm, healthy oasis nestled at the foothills of beautiful Altadena.  Sheetal works from her home studio and garden offering private and semi-private classes in Pilates and Fascial Release.   Along with the general public, Sheetal works with professional athletes and dancers, seniors,, clients with injuries and special needs, pregnant and postpartum clients, and so many others looking to strengthen, mobilize, heal, transform and educate their bodies.


ArtWallah was an annual festival that expressed the multidimensionality of the South Asian diasporic experience through music, dance, theater, literature, film, the visual arts, spoken word, comedy, and workshops.  As Artistic Director in 2018, it was Sheetal’s hope to revive this tradition.  ArtWallah is currently on hiatus, but will return when the time is right!

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