“...capture the big hearted, global creativity this choreographer delivers.”

- Toba Singer,


Sheetal Gandhi’s work as a free-lance choreographer, director and performer includes a wide range of projects and disciplines.  Since 1994, Gandhi has collaborated with stage directors, museum curators, orchestras, dance companies, and avant garde film-makers in the creation of original work.  Gandhi’s interest in the complexities of the human condition, as well as her own multidisciplinary arts practice and diverse life experience, give her a unique ability to convey a range of ideas through the human body.  As a director and choreographer she brings her musicality and passion for storytelling to create characters of profound depth and humanity.

Previous Shows

Due to Actor's Equity guidelines, Sheetal does not have access to video footage of all the theatrical productions she has choreographed. For examples of other self-produced choreography not shown here, visit her Projects.

What Would Gandhi Do?

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