Created on and Performed by UCLA dance students

Stuck is a dance theater performance that engages satire with gravitas to address feelings around our current political climate. Three dancers: Red, White, and Blue, (AKA Bhandara, Cherry and Weideman), embody and animate the American Flag, revealing the Flag’s own identity crisis in a time when the ideals of what and “who” the flag represents are in sharp contrast with current reality.  The choreography features a unique contemporary movement vocabulary informed by the rhythms and gestures of the classical Indian dance form Kathak, layered with live text and vocalizations.

Excerpts: 5:24 minutes
Full-length: 16 minutes

Concept and Direction: Sheetal Gandhi

Choreography: Sheetal Gandhi in collaboration with the performers

Music: Derrick Spiva

Performers: Danish Bhandara, Chantal Cherry, Anna Weideman

Vocalist: Lauren Hickey

Text: “I Am The Flag” by Ruth Apperson Rous and Robin Williams

What Would Gandhi Do?

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