Indian Mythology and Me

(originally called Stories on the Move)

This enormously entertaining and sophisticated family show evolved out of Sheetal Gandhi and collaborator Shyamala Moorty’s numerous experiences performing as school assembly artists.  The duo artfully weaves rhythm, song, gesture and facial expression into a dynamic exploration of Indian mythology and its connections to the world today. Breaking the 4th wall, the artists interact directly with audience members, inviting them onto the stage where they are playfully integrated into the performance. Accompanied by live musicians Jas Ahluwalia on tabla and Kamaljeet Ahluwalia on santoor, this quartet of artists offer innovative and contemporary interpretations of traditional narratives that reinforce human compassion and the celebration of differences.

Excerpts: 2 minutes
Full-length: 45 minutes

Creation and Performance:
Sheetal Gandhi, Shyamala Moorty and Ulka Mohanty

Kamaljeet Ahluwalia (santoor) and Jas Ahluwalia (tabla)

Learn More about the Dancing Storytellers and their work in schools.


“...a sophistication and caliber not always seen in educational and family performances. Their show transports you into traditional stories, histories and time with ease.”

- Ilaan Egeland Mazzini, Curator, Big World Fun family series, Ford Theatres

“An enchanting performance of vibrant colors and sounds through music. An overall fun, expressive, and educational show for all ages.”

- Kevin Ellis, Rowland Unified School District, Librarian for Telesis Academy K-8.

“...mesmerizing to watch!”

- Audience member

“Brilliant choreography, humorous, and totally spell-binding! I loved the richness of the culture that was presented.”

- Audience member

What Would Gandhi Do?

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