Performed by students in Claremont Colleges

Highly imaginative, quirky and theatrical, this piece uses silver paint and balloons to create an otherworldly landscape. Inspired by the book “Ishmael” by Daniel Quinn and Gandhi’s experiences and observations living in Irvine, Orange County – the epitome of a “Brave New World”, petri dish society. Takers explores human society’s evolution and obsessive need for control.

Creation: Sheetal Gandhi

Music: Stephen Kent “Taksu” & AfroCelt Sound System “Lovers of Light”

Costumes: Sheetal Gandhi


Mikayla Chang
Ally So
Clarissa De La Garza
Emma Paulini
Kathryn Wangthamkua
Adrienne Kafka
Krystal Zhou
Chloe Lesh

Excerpts: 3:47 minutes
Full-length: 11 minutes

What Would Gandhi Do?

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